Using the iPhone 4S you'll be able to snap 8MP pictures of your plants


  • Real TimeEncryption of data and pictures for the maximum protection of your information
  • Track an unlimited number of plants*
  • NewGrow Room Tracker - helps keep track of all your equipment


  • Attach and unlimited number of photos to any plant
  • Track All your finances in the Finance Tracker
  • Never loose track of your genetics, from clone all the way through enjoying your harvest!
  • unlimited notes about each plant
  • Ability to backup and import your data into versions
  • Optional ability to designate the days to flower your plant with a friendly reminder to harvest once it's time.
  • Multi Room setup - Run multiple operations from the same program
  • Printable dry tags to keep track of your plants during drying/curing
  • Track the heights of your plants as they grow
  • Final Yield / Final Height fields allowing with the daily gain of both
  • Track your seeds with the SeedBank
  • Printable Plant reports



New and Improved Finance Tracker



I designed the Grow Assistant program a few years ago when I spilled soda all over my notebooks. I, like most people I kept all of my valuable data written down in a book and on several note pads. But that day I lost it all in a sweet sticky mess! That night I started work on what would be the best growing software around. Now all my data is safe and backed up. I can access it from multiple computers including one right in my grow room.

The biggest strength of the Grow Assistant is its flexibility. From the planting of the seed, developing of the mother, cloning, vegetative growth, flowering, and harvesting you will always know what your plants are and where they came from.

With the Grow Assistant you will be able to track trends in your operation as well. Promote your best plants, and keep track of plant problems that may occur.

Plant your seed — grow it — clone it — grow that — clone both — flower one — introduce a new mother — clone everything — eliminate males — harvest on time. Do all this at the same time with an unlimited number of mothers, clones, and plants without the fear of losing track.



You will also be able to add notes about each plant and PICTURES!


This program will even help you grow by allowing you to set the amount of time to flower and then once that day comes you’ll be alerted by the program.
Your data is always safe, with full import/backup functions you’ll be able to upgrade to the latest version with no worries of data loss.



Grow Assistant Pro USB Drive for Windows, Mac, Or Dual System in One!**


* Depending on License.
**Dual system sticks have an added cost of $25 these are special order items



No Limits!

With the Grow Assistant you can track and unlimited number of plants!