Over 80,000 plants tracked monthly

Based on a recent random survey of Grow Assistant customers




Your privacy and security is our biggest concern.


Privacy Policy

  • Your information is not sold, traded, given, or loaned to any other companies/individuals.
  • You do not need access to the internet to use the Grow Assistant.
  • This program does not install any malware or any other secondary program including but not limited to: spyware, adware, malware.


Disclaimer / Use

  • This is a product to assist in the cultivation of a crop that is legal in many states.  GeekyGrower Products / The developer relies on the customer’s representation that what they will use this software for is legal where they live.

  • The Grow assistant may only be installed on one computer without the purchase of a professional license.  You may never sell or transfer your ownership of your license.  Any Grow Assistant serial numbers that are found in the public realm will be deactivated immediately.  For this reason it is vital that you protect your serial number from others.


Network Interaction

  • This software does not access the internet with a few exceptions. A. The (In Program) Help forum B. The (In Program) Buy Now Page.  C. A Button within the program that will open www.growassistant.com D. Interaction with our registration server as described below.

    • Registration Validation - The program validates it's registration status by sending an encrypted form of your serial number (by using HTTPS or by encrypted your serial number prior to transmission) to this website which replies with and encrypted value that the software decrypts. The software then uses this value to determine if the software's registration is valid.

    • IP Check Function - This website is also used by the software (when in shareware mode only) to determine A. if it has an internet connection and B. to learn the software's public IP. This check is preformed for the sole purpose of detering users who have somehow bypassed the registration process.

      • IF the software is in "shareware" mode THEN

        • IF the check value sum (n) as read from this website is > 0 THEN

        • IF (RANDOM number 'between 1 and 100' < n)AND IF (total number of plants > 3) THEN

        • Send shareware information to this registration server with an encrypted string containing the learned IP address, total number of plants, total number of times opened.

You can check this website to see the IP address - check value sum that is sent to your computer.

Example: -----> IP Address "-" 0 (which would mean that the software does not run this check as the generated random number is never lower than 0)




Purchasing / Return Policy


Due to an excess of Credit Card chargebacks we will no longer accept Credit Cards from buyers in Brazil.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


Because the Grow Assistant is offered as a shareware application with the ability to “try before you buy” No refunds will be given after purchase.


Over 80,000 plants tracked monthly

Based on a recent random survey of Grow Assistant customers