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"no need for other programs to get up and running"

The Grow Assistant is brought you by patients for patients


The Grow Assistant is brought to you by GeekyGrower Products.  A Dedicated one man shop.

I designed the Grow Assistant for my own uses around 2001 one when I became a Medical Marijuana Patient. I've never been a fan on note books as what I had to say from day to day about the plants was always different, there was no structure!  The Grow Assistant started as most programs do, a simple project.  Over time as I wanted to track more data points I expanded the program to be able to handle it.


I believe in support, plain and simple.  The support forum shows this.  All requests for support are handled in hours not days and almost every feature request is eventually added.  This software has become user designed.


This software is not designed, produced, and marketed by some big company.  It's a one man show here folks!  I truly appreciate each and every single order.  Your purchases help keep the site functional, pay for the development software, business expenses and a few brews at the end of the day.  Developing this software has opened new doors in this industry for me and because of this I'm able to do what I really love.  


Thank you and please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve your Grow Assistant experience!




No Limits!

With the Grow Assistant you can track and unlimited number of plants!