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Making a Clone
Making a Clone When you create a clone, you can create one, or one hundred, it's all up to you!
Clone Viewer
Clone Viewer Get a quick view of all your clones. You can even plant a clone directly from this box!
Duplicate your plants
Duplicate your plants Got a plant you need to copy/paste? the Grow Assistant allows you to duplicate a plant into an unlimited number of "dups"
Backup your data!
Backup your data! The Grow Assistant allows for automatic or manual backup of your information.
Grow Assistant Registration
Grow Assistant Registration Register your software
Finance Tracker
Finance Tracker Track all of your room costs / profit with the built in finance tracker
Grow Room Tracker
Grow Room Tracker You can track all of your equipment across multiple rooms with the Grow Assistant
Single Plant Report
Single Plant Report Print a detailed report for each plant you've grown.
Document Library
Document Library You can securely store your growing documents right in the Grow Assistant
Strain Selector
Strain Selector With the Strain Selector you'll be able to keep a complete list of all your strains and even provide a "fake" name to keep your employees from walking off with your best strains!
Patient Tracking
Patient Tracking Never loose your patient information again. The Grow Assistant will match patients and plants so you are always under your numbers
Taste Testing
Taste Testing Now you can taste your plants without forgetting what you thought!
Side Bar Menu
Side Bar Menu Most of the program's functions are located on the easy to use side menu bar
New Preferences
New Preferences Now you can set preferences to customize the software for your location.
Screen Shot 2012-03-27 at 2.08.48 PM
Screen Shot 2012-03-27 at 2.08.48 PM Do you grow in more than one room? The Grow Assistant is set to grow in several different rooms
View all clones that came from this plant
View all clones that came from this plant You can track every single clone that was every cut from any plant

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